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We offer lessons and training for every client’s needs.

Sean Davies

Sean specializes in solid communication from the ground into the saddle. All his ground work translates well to the saddle and he works to create a soft supple horse.

Sean has competed in colt starting clinics on RFDTV and had also competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover Competitions.

Sean loves all horses and works with all breeds. He can also really help the horse that is misunderstood or has in the past been mistreated, abused or completely wild.

During a horses training, Sean requires local clients to be involved and observe and take a lesson weekly so there is a smooth transition for their horse back home (lessons are an additional cost).

All Sean’s lessons start with ground work. Sean takes the time to teach the details of his methods. Understanding horse communication and how that relates to balance, fluidity, and energy are some of the foundations in Sean’s teachings.

You can watch Sean’s training techniques on his You Tube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/coloradoreinsman

Sean’s lessons at Spirit Heart Ranch are $65 an hour.
Fulltime training at Spirit heart is $850 a month.
Part time training may be an option depending on horse’s needs.

Sarah Welty

Sarah has spent her life around horses, but has more recently discovered her love for teaching. Sarah taught kid summer camps at Bear Trap Ranch in 2009 and 2010. Sarah began working with Sean in 2012 and has taught friends and family since then with her Mustang. Dylan. She recently taught a week-long kids camp at Spirit Heart in June of 2017.

Sarah has a background in precision drill, barrel racing, trail riding, and natural horsemanship. Sarah was a barn manager at a Colorado local barn where she learned the importance of safety in and around the barn. Sarah loves to give others the ability to work with horses and teach them the relatability working with horses has to life. She uses everyday analogies while teaching to help make riding concepts easier to understand.  Sarah will be offering lessons during week nights and weekends. She will be happy to discuss her future availability with clients as she is a stay at home mom to her son Levi.