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A Home for Your Horse

We know that it’s important to offer quality boarding options for your horse, yet we take it one step further and create a loving home. At Spirit Heart Ranch, we offer:

• Heated tack rooms

• Heated feed room

• Two outdoor arenas, measuring 70X145 and 52X136

• Indoor arena measuring 60×140

• Round pen

• Lounge & restroom

• Wash rack

• Blanketing & Fly Sheets Included in all Board

• All new lighting in every barn, outbuilding, and indoor arena

• Owners live on property and our Barn Assistant aka “Equestrian Extraordinaire” lives in an apartment in the main barn.

We care about your horse’s nutrition. We are always here to help and understand the varying needs of different horses from small to large or yearling to senior.

• We offer up to 3 flakes of quality grass hay twice a day
• Lunch offered to stalled or single shed row horses at an additional charge. (Not available to group paddock horses)
• We can feed your grain and or supplements up to twice a day. (Additional charges apply to group paddock horses.)

From group shared paddocks to extra-large 12×24 mare and foal stalls we offer a variety of boarding option so owners can find the right fit for their horse’s needs.

Group Shared Paddocks: 

• This is a good option for social horses who are used to being out with others, that need to move constantly or need a dry lot.
• Mares and geldings are separated.
• Safe three strand electrical tape.
• No more than four to five horses per shared paddock.
• Extra-large paddocks averaging 140×50 and 80×110.
• Extra-large shelters measuring 12×24.
• Paddocks cleaned on regular basis.
• Salt/Mineral block.

Single Shed Row Run & Double Shed Row Run:

• This is a wonderful option if your horse still needs to be separated or needs more time alone to eat and offers a more open feel then a stall.
• Tack room and feed room for single shed rows is close by located in Barn C.
• Shelters measuring 8×10 with runs averaging 14×45 feet with safe no-climb wire and electrical tape.
• Double run for two horses with 8X16 shelter and run measuring 26X62
• Cleaned daily
• Salt/Mineral Block
• Regular turn out rotation

Full Board in Barn B:

• Cozy four stall barn with tack lockers, cross ties, and hitching rail
• 5X14.5 stalls with heavy duty panels measuring 13X24 and 25X24
• Cleaned daily
• Regular turn out rotation
• Salt/Mineral block
• West side of this barn with large runs start at $495.00 a month
• East side of the barn with small runs start at $450.00 a month.

Full Board in Main Barn:

You and your horse will be in the main barn with indoor arena, wash rack, lounge, and restroom only steps away.

• 12X12 stalls with large attached runs that measure 12X60
• Safe three strand electrical tape
• Cleaned daily
• Salt/Mineral block
• Regular turn out rotation

Full Board Barn C:

• This is a nice fit if you have a very large draft, have a mare and foal, or just want your horse to have extra space.
• Two stall barn with extra-large 12×24 stalls, cross ties, feed, and tack room
• Attached runs with heavy duty panels that measuring 24×24
• Cleaned daily
• Regular turn out rotation

Supplements & Graining

If feeding one complete feed/grain you may have one container with one scoop that we can feed from. If there is more than one complete feed/supplement, then the owner needs to provide pre-portioned packaging, either baggies or smartpak.

All containers must be provided by the owner and be a pest proof, water proof, locking container. If your horse is on several pounds of feed a day and impossible to separate into baggies please discuss this with us and an exception can be made. No more than two containers allowed per horse. If you need more containers additional charges for storing may apply.

Lunch fee for Full Board horses or Shed Rows

• Additional fee for feeding a lunch at noon.

Group Paddock Boarding Additional Fees

• Additional $25.00 a month for graining horse once a day
• Additional $50.00 a month for graining horse twice a day
• Additional $25.00 a month for adding a lunch

Other Fees

• Additional fee for holding horse for Vet, Farrier, or Chiro
• Additional fee for administrating topical or oral meds.

Storing Trailer

• Trailer parking is an additional monthly fee.


• Please drive into entrance by large gray hay barn and park on west side of basketball court.

• You may drive to barn or tack room to unload supplies, then park in designated parking.

• Please do not drive into house driveway or drive around house paved drive by garages unless you truly need to.

• Note when driving in with a big rig you may need to use our paved turnaround or part of it.

Turn out

• No turn out for Group paddock horses, yet if available you are more than welcome to turn your horse out when you are here and put them back when you leave. Full board horses get a regular turn out rotation.


• Your well-behaved dog is welcome here on a leash. Due to our free-range chickens, goats and Princess Sweet Pea Piggy, ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH, AT ALL TIMES. Please be considerate of others using the property and clean up after your pet.

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